‘’Squash 6ixx Boss’’ 

Born Andrae Whittaker, grew up in the community of Salt Spring, located in the western city of St. James. Andrae along with his five siblings, mother, and father. He spent his young days almost like many teenagers playing football, but his passion and talent for music was also evident.

Although he didn’t officially start recording until 2013, his speedy yet steady rise didn’t come until 2015 with songs like ‘’Try(Chip Chop)’’ and ‘’Kill Dem Anytime’’. These songs not only showcased his lyrical talents but also his ability to use his music to connect and relate to his audience. But even with this he still hadn’t reached the level he wanted.

Then things took an unexpected turn landing him in jail, but not even the justice system could prevent his rise to fame and fortune. Squash was detained for close to two months in ‘’The State Of Emergency’’ in 2018 where he was incorrectly labeled as the leader of the infamous ‘’G City ‘’ gang from St. James, a gang often referred to in the 6ix Boss’ songs. Upon his release, he gave us more songs like ‘’6ix Boss’’ and ‘’Money Fever’’.

His big built, long plaited hair and scores of tattoos-particularly the ‘’6ix’’ on the top right of his forehead, making him easily recognizable. His knack for mixing catchy lyrics with melodic singing in the Patios language ad his feel-good signature that make his songs like ‘’Money Fever’’ stand out. Resounding lines like ‘’ mi catch a money fever/mi girlfriend a diva/big Benz park up a nuh Tida/6ixx out here we a lead’’.

"Squash Lyrical War"

Squash was also involved in an all out war with another popular dancehall artiste ‘’Alkaline’’ a lyrical war, Alkaline threw songs like ‘’State of Emergency’’ at Squash. Even mentioning the infamous death of his brother, but Squash never backed away, he instead slapped back with an absolute banger dubbed ‘’Pinocchio’’, completely dragging the ‘’Vendetta Boss’’ through the mud. Alkalines’ ‘’State Of Emergency’’ video carries a photo of a crime scene from Mobay, declaring his intention to start a lyrical state of emergency.

Squash,(The 6ixx boss, however, putting his unique touch on the Vendetta Boss video, referring to him as an informer. ‘’Yuh cyah war mi, yah b****man!...’’, ‘’Squidward yah informer, mi a tell yuh dat str88!!’’. The pair has been intertwined in a modern-day lyrical diss war, but now the 6ixx Boss manager says no more. The last few weeks had seen Squash heading off against Alkaline. Squash released tracks like ‘’Pinocchio’’, ‘’Funeral Program’’ and ‘’One Shot’’ all directed at Alkaline. While Alkaline himself hit back with tracks like most Wanted’’ and ‘’Death Announcement’’.

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