Coronavirus, three cases in Trentino: they are Lombard tourists on vacation

ACTUALITY FEBRUARY 23, 2020  19:32by Chiara Ammendola

Three new cases of coronavirus have been registered this afternoon in Trentino : it is a Lombard family from one of the outbreak areas of the virus and on vacation in the region of northern Italy. Confirmation comes from the president of the Autonomous Province of Trento Maurizio Fugatti who explained that the three arrived in Trentino on Friday afternoon and started to experience a fever of between 37 and 38 degrees in the past few hours: at that point they were subjected to a buffer that has been successful.

Coronavirus in Italy: 155 cases ascertained
From the apartment where the three lived, they were immediately transferred to one of the Lombard hospitals where coronavirus positive people are already hospitalized. "We are not facing a risk situation - explained Fugatti in giving the news of the positivity -  no Trentino has been infected, in the next few hours we will verify the movements of this family who, however, as far as we have known, was in a private apartment , not in a hotel, and therefore remained quite isolated, since everyone had a fever. So the movements would be limited ". Now we are awaiting the counter-analysis of Spallanzani from Rome who will have to confirm the positivity of the buffer. With these three new cases, the number of infected people in Italy rises to 155, also including three deaths and one recovered. In regional detail, we have: 112 in Lombardy, with two deaths, 22 in Veneto, with one death, 9 in Emilia Romagna, 6 in Piedmont, 3 in Trentino Alto Adige and 3 in Lazio, with one recovered.

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