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Song Name: Now A Days Love
Produced by: Bertdem Records

Now A Days Love Lyrics

Don't play games man
Watch yah nuh man Jagan
[Verse 1]
As she wake she wan' Double Whopper
She nuh wan' tea wid crackers
Seh she wan' 10 pound snapper
Or ten thousand dollar, after she get ah backaz (yeah)
"Him nuh love mi, don't matter"
Nobody cya loyal like mi madda
Yuh d'even ah pree yuh health girl, wah dat
But yuh wan' gold chain and d'even want real carrot
Mhmm, hmm
Couldn' call dat love
Nuh care weh yuh say, mi couldn' call dat love
Nuh care weh yuh do, mi couldn' call dat love
Nuh care weh yuh try, couldn' call (uh)
Dream you ah dream girl, try wake up
Dem seh love blind and mi nuh stay suh
My heart stop use like cassette radio
[Verse 2]
Yuh pussy anuh everything
Gwan wid it, if yuh wan bring it to another man, mi cyan kill it
Mi feel like mi better off when yuh nah see mi
She link Red Stripe with beer stress, so mi call Guinness
Am gone fi mi greatness, yeah di boss winning
Gyal di gold digger mi nuh fake like gold filling
Fat thunder cord dat nuh small Civic
Ah dat alone mek yuh smile when you see mi
Mhmm, hmm-mm
[Verse 1]
[Chorus x2]
Don't play games man
More Info: Chronic Law has been an unstoppable force in dancehall. With an unmatchable stream of releases, Chronic Law has made sure that his name has remained relevant.
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