Dancehall artist Squash 6ix boss
Andre Whittaker aka Dancehall’s Squash hails from Salt Spring, St. James and is leading the way for the Dancehall syndicate of artists known as Di 6ix. Squash started gaining traction in 2016/17 He gained notoriety after his song “Lavish ” started to gain traction on the streets of Jamaica. He really blew up in 2018 especially after his hit “Trending” was released in July of that year. He was incarcerated and released then arrested once again a short time after. During his time locked up, his single “Trending” made it to the Top 10, and awhile later “Ohh La La” was another song of his to hit that milestone while incarcerated during Montego Bay’s State of Emergency

Dancehall Artiste Squash - A member of the G City crew based in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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